Emotional Eating

I don’t find emotional eating problematic. Boredom eating, yes. But not emotional eating, not always. Sometimes when I’m having a terrible, terrible day and all I can do is cry, ice cream is a damn good consolation. I could read a book or play a video game or watch TV, but TV and books (and even sometimes games) can make things worse. Feeling miserable for some character is just more misery. Playing video games can make me angry if I die, it’s also hard for me to do something less passive than reading. I sure don’t want to leave the house, ’cause the days where I feel like crap, I’m also inclined to look like crap (not shower/brush my hair/find clean clothes/etc.) and I certainly don’t want to risk running into other people. I’m not much of an artist, writing doesn’t make me feel better and there are only so many other by-myself activities that I can think of to do. Nothing that can make me feel better.

So I honestly don’t see what’s so wrong with attacking a pint of Ben and Jerry’s when these moods hit.

To me, my physical health means nothing if my mental health isn’t passable. If it helps, then it shouldn’t matter. I mean, yes, I do notice my mental health is tied in with my physical health. However, I’m more likely to go crazy if lack food or sleep, and while exercise and eating healthy help improve my mood, I don’t feel like unhealthy eating detracts. No exercise might, but I only start to notice it if I haven’t left the house for a few days. To me, being skinny and unhappy is not an improvement on fat and happy.

It also happens rarely enough that even if I did cut it out, I might or might not lose some weight. So I don’t feel guilty. If I felt guilty, then I’d have no reason to partake in emotional eating, and then I’d just be miserable for longer. I think this attitude is one of my few healthy ones.


February 28, 2010. Tags: . Reflection.

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