An Introduction

This is my blog. I’m writing it in an attempt to deprogram myself from the toxic ideas and practices I have developed over the years in relation to weight.

A little bit about me is this, I’m short and fat. Or at least I think I’m fat, others seem to disagree. I’ll probably touch on that later. My BMI as of the last time I weighed myself (three days ago, I’ll also post about that too) was 27.1. I don’t believe in BMI but one of the many tabs that just don’t go away on my browser is a BMI calculator. I’ll be talking about that too.

The layout of this blog isn’t going to be pretty. Normally I care about that, this time I don’t. This is going to be as anonymous as I can make it. None of my usual names or pseudonyms will appear. If people start reading this blog and miraculously we know each other and you think it’s me, don’t say anything.


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